CEO Newsletter – August 2021

  1. Interac eTransfer® Enhanced User Features


Talka Credit Union is pleased to announce the roll-out of two additional user enhancements known as “Request Money” and “Autodeposit”.  Using Request Money, individuals and small businesses will be able to email family and friends or customers, requesting a payment instead of waiting from them to send it. The Requestor enters the amount, their deposit account and can add a personalized message, such as an invoice number if it’s a business.

Autodeposit takes the convenience of Interac eTransfer® one step further by eliminating the added step of requiring the recipient to approve the transfer. By linking an email address to a deposit account at their financial institution, individuals or small businesses can automatically deposit transfers sent to them without needing to answer a security question or logging into online banking. When you receive an Interac eTransfer®, it is automatically deposited into the bank account associated with the email address and the sender receives a deposit notification. It takes just seconds to set up and helps members and small business owners get back to doing what they love.

After logging into your online banking account with Talka and selecting Interac eTransfer®, the screen below will appear. Select Autodeposit to complete the one-time setup and link your email address with your Talka Credit Union deposit account. It’s that simple and a more secure method of using eTransfers.

Earlier this month, Interac eTransfer® single transaction “receive” limits were increased to $25,000 in preparation of the roll-out of Autodeposit, particularly for small businesses to use as a faster, more secure method in paying invoices after the supplier has linked the email address to a deposit account at their financial institution.

  1. Hamilton Spectator Readers Choice Awards

Vote for Talka Credit Union in the 2021 Hamilton Spectator Reader’s Choice Awards!!

The Reader’s Choice Awards is an annual opportunity to show your appreciation to local businesses that you have come to enjoy in various industries or categories. The Board and Staff would sincerely appreciate it if our members would cast their vote for Talka Credit Union as the Best Credit Union in Hamilton. Please use the link below to cast your vote. (PS No need to register if you select to log-in using Google or Facebook).