Direct Access To Your Accounts Virtually Anywhere in North America.

A MemberCard® debit card provides safe and secure access to your account(s) through a worldwide network of ATMs and most retail merchants in Canada and the US.

All you need is your own Personal Identification Number (PIN) which you can obtain and/or change any time you feel you need to in branch or at an ATM.

Why use MemberCard® debit card

  • Reduces the need to carry large amounts of cash.
  • You only spend what you can afford
  • Gives you instant access to your chequing and savings accounts at a number of ATMs world wide.
  • You can make store purchases using Interac® direct payment services at participating merchants.
  • If your MemberCard® debit card has the Interac® flash symbol you can pay by tapping the card on the card reader at participating retailers.

Whenever you are conducting an ATM transaction or direct payment (store purchase), it is important to Protect your PIN.