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Talka is a member of the Exchange Network. THE EXCHANGE Network is a group of banks and credit unions that have come together and agreed to let their cardholders use each other’s ATMs as if they were their own. This gives their cardholders access to thousands of ATMs across Canada, all surcharge-free.

All EXCHANGE ATMs are able to complete a cash withdrawal, PIN change, transfer, or balance inquiry and thousands have the ability to complete a deposit instantly into your bank account. Stop using ATMs that charge you a few dollars every time you need some quick cash, and find an EXCHANGE ATM instead!

CEO Newsletter - August 2021

Interac eTransfer® Enhanced User Features   Talka Credit Union is pleased to announce the roll-out of two additional user enhancements known as “Request Money” and “Autodeposit”.  Using Request Money, individuals and small businesses will be…

COVID-19 Update 2021

Ontario Declares Second State of Emergency As a result of COVID-19 cases doubling in the past two weeks and the potential capacity risk to Ontario’s health care system, the Government of Ontario is declaring another…

CEO Newsletter – December 2020

Year in Review  Without a doubt, this year has presented many challenges. The global pandemic has had significant impacts on the economy, on unemployment and most importantly on our health, both physical and mental wellbeing.…

Helping Talka members travel smart

Helping Talka members travel smart. Whether you need a little foreign currency or a lot, you have convenient access to: Buy and sell over 80 different foreign currencies Sell traveler’s cheques Sell foreign cheques In-branch…

Deposit Cheques From Almost Anywhere, With Talka Mobile Banking App

The Talka Mobile Banking app allows you to manage your money by depositing cheques as soon as you receive them so you can spend more time doing the things you want. HOW IT WORKS: First, register for Talka…