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We Support Ukraine

Talka Credit Union Board of Directors recently approved a donation to the NGO BLUE/YELLOW, an organization founded in Lithuania and other Baltic States in 2014. BLUE/YELLOW supports Ukraine, its Armed Forces and civilian population providing almost $1 million USD worth of humanitarian aid and military equipment.

Their main task is to support Ukrainian armed forces fighting Russian aggression, taking care of wounded soldiers, and providing important aid packages to civilian families.

Military aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Over 1000 optical devices and thermo-devices

Uniforms, boots and protective gear for soldiers for more than 100 000 EUR

22 cars, minibuses, jeeps and ambulances

Electronic communication and surveillance gear and equipment, including UAV capacity, for more than 50 000 EUR

Aid to the civil population

More than 20 000 EUR of medical and humanitarian support to the civil population 

More than 20 tons of clothing

Equipment for schools and sport facilities

For more information, please visit their website at:

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