Personal Loans

Talka Credit Union Limited aims to be the lender of choice among our members, offering attractive rates and convenient payment methods. We offer various borrowing options based on your unique needs. With competitive rates and flexible terms, we’ll help make your dreams a reality.

Loan Product
Key Features
Best for you if…
Unsecured Personal Loan
Open term up to 5 years at variable rate; maximum amount $25,000;
You need extra money to purchase furniture, appliances, used car, family getaway or cover other expenses without using high interest credit cards. 
Secured Personal loan

Acceptable security includes vehicles, motorhome, Talka GIC and other deposits and real estate
Open term matching the life of assets pledged as security.

Amount and interest rate depend on value and type of security pledged.
You need more than $15,000 to buy: a car (not older than 5 years), a boat, renovate your kitchen, pay tuition…
Open term up to 12 months. RRSP deposits held at Talka Credit Union. Low interest rate.
You do not have money to make your annual RRSP contribution or to “top up” unused contribution room from past years.
New Car Loan
Terms up to 5 years.
You want to take advantage of the cash back offers instead of lower financing rates from car dealerships.

You want to avoid mileage restrictions and unanticipated end of lease charges.
Lines of Credit
Line of credit attached to your chequing account. Open term, revolving, variable rate.
You want to have available credit at any time for unexpected expenses or to cover some cash flow deficiencies.